Crystex Products At A Glance
Mykroy/Mycalex® is the trade name for the glass bonded mica ceramic material produced by Crystex Composites LLC, Since 1919, Mykroy/Mycalex® remains the most versatile and efficient electrical and thermal insulating material produced to meet the exacting demands of technical markets. Mykroy/Mycalex® is the only fully inorganic material to bridge the performance gap between high performance plastics and structural ceramics.  Mykroy/Mycalex® glass bonded mical ceramic is a simultaneous union under high pressure and temperature of finely powered electrical quality glass and precisely defined (natural or synthetic) mica.  The resulting stone-like, dense ceramic material inherits all of the insulating advantages of both components.

CRYSTEX COMPOSITS LLC offers its customers full machining capabilities and four Mykroy/Mycalex® different products:

Moldable Parts & Machinable Grades
Mykroy/Mycalex® ceramic materials can be molded into complex shapes like plastics, have a coefficient of thermal expansion close to many metals, and possess electrical and thermal properties superior to most organic plastics. These dense, rigid materials are easily machined.  They are also impervious to moisture, are arc resistant, and can withstand thermal cycling and nuclear radiation.  Unlike organic materials, they do not out-gas, smoke, or burn.

Mykroy/Mycalex® materials have continuous operating temperature ranges of -330*F to 1470*F. They are produced in sheet and rod form as well as machined parts to meet precise customer specifications.  They are also moldable, like plastic, and can even accept metal inserts during molding.  Here are only a few of the many glass bonded mica components and product applications.

Mycalex Insulators@
Insulators@ stand-off insulators) are an alternative to other glass bonded mica and polyester based stand-off insulators currently in the marketplace. Mycalex Insulators® have a maximum operating temperature of 450*C.  Working in partnership with our clients (and the end users) the Engineering Staff of Crystex Composites have designed and produced products that meet or exceed the established standards. All parts are RoHS and Reach compliant.

Synthetic Mica
Unique in the United States, Crystex Composites LLC. Has produced Crystex Composites with the advantage of producing higher temperature materials than would be possible with natural mica, achieving maximum use temperatures up to 800*C.