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Crystex Products At A Glance

Mykroy/Mycalex© is the trade name for the glass bonded mica ceramic material produced by Crystex Composites LLC, Since 1919, Mykroy/Mycalex© remains the most versatile and efficient electrical and thermal insulating material produced to meet the exacting demands of technical markets. Mykroy/Mycalex© is the only fully inorganic material to bridge the performance gap between high performance plastics and structural ceramics.

Mykroy/Mycalex© glass bonded mical ceramic is a simultaneous union under high pressure and temperature of finely powered electrical quality glass and precisely defined (natural or synthetic) mica. The resulting stone-like, dense ceramic material inherits all of the insulating advantages of both components.
Mycalex Insulators© Since 1919
The Original High Temperature Insulator
Mycalex Insulators© was created in 2008 as an alternative source for stand-off insulators and brush holders for the rail transportation, power generation and traction motor industries. Working with our clients, Mycalex Insulators@ has been an industry leader and innovator with continuously increasing line-up of insulator products and brush holder designs. With manufacturing and inventory in Clifton, NJ and a warehouse in London, England, we offer fast turnaround on your orders. Additionally, as industry requirements change, we embrace the opportunity to work with you, our clients, to create new designs for the industries you serve.

For more information regarding product offerings please contact Mycalex Insulators© or Crystex Composites LLC. Please refer to the technical datasheets for product specific information.